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YD-0174 PBR-Tafelmaschine in China


Modell: YD-0174


Technische Daten PBR-Panel-Maschine
Hat CE 9001: 2000 verabschiedet

12-16m / min Trapezwandtafel-Umformmaschine

Number of Stations 18 sets
Thickness 0.35-0.8mm
Main Power 5.5KW
Shipment Packing one 40FT container
Forming Speed 12-16mtr./min(Not include shear)
Machine Frame H-BEAM Frame

Technical Data
Productivity Roof and wall panel as the drawing
Man Power Required One operator with one assinstant
Set Up time 15 mins
Working Hours per Day 8 to 16
Line Direction Left to Right While Facing Operator Panel
Overall Machine Length Required 11.0M
Approximate Machine Height 1.6M

Complete Line Consist Of
Passive/Hydraulic Single/Double Uncoiler
Infeeding Applicator
Roll Forming Machine
Hydraulic Stop to Cut
Output Table

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Produktgruppe : Dach- und Wandtafel-Rollenformmaschine

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